What are The Causes for Sudden Acne Breakouts?


Life would be much easier if any problem would have only one cause. We would have a lot less problems finding a solution. In the case of acne, we could easily locate the source of the condition and find an effective cure to get rid of it. Unfortunately the causes for sudden acne breakouts are various and cannot be associated with any particular instance. The fact that this disease or condition varies from one person to another makes it rather unclear about what causes sudden acne breakouts.



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A Good Understanding About The Underlying Process


However, unclear what causes acne may be, there is a pretty good understanding about the actual process behind the occurrence of acne. Still, doctors and scientists need to do more in order to find out the real reason why an acne breakout occurs. What causes acne can best be understood by linking the production of excess oil by the sebaceous glands of the skin to the actual outbreak. Such excess oil will mix with your dead skin and thus clog the pores of the skin close to the hair follicles, and thus give rise to pimples, which in any form, are most unwelcome.


Furthermore, when studying what causes acne we may have to look to the hormones within the body as another possible cause, though it may not be so in each and every case. Most often, during puberty in boys as well as in girls, the increase in hormones causes the glands to get over stimulated and in the presence of other factors can lead to the formation of acne.


No doubt, hormones are a contributing factor to what causes acne, especially in teenagers, pregnant women as well as even during adulthood. Nevertheless, there are other potential factors too that may be considered as being instrumental in causing acne. Some of these other factors that can be considered in the study of what causes acne include stress, heredity, as well as medications.


So the causes for sudden acne breakouts are different from person to person. This is what makes it so difficult to pinpoint the exact causes for sudden acne breakouts, and thus finding the proper cures for it. There many myth about this condition that are believed to be the causes of sudden acne breakouts. Things such as:


- Eating chocolate
- Greasy Food
- Other dietary foods


You should know that although food can play a role in your acne problem, it is not the causes for sudden acne breakouts. Of course, you will certainly have a lot more problem eliminating your acne problem if you eat French fries everyday. Other mythical causes would include such things as:


- Dirt
- Touching of the skin
- And makeup


The simple fact is this: The causes for sudden acne breakout cannot be one particular thing or habit in each and every person who suffers from this condition.



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