How to Protect Servers and Websites with ModSecurity

Cyberattacks are a distinct challenge that must be faced by server owners. According to data from Security Magazine, every 39 seconds there is 1 cyber attack and every day there are an average of 2000 cyber attacks.

Servers without complete security protection have vulnerabilities againstcyber attack. If the server’s security system is weak, does not have additional protection, or is not managed properly, then the server can become a prime target for hackers and other cyber attacks.

One way that can be done to protect the server andwebsite is to use the ModSecurity feature from cPanel. What is ModSecurity and how to protect servers andwebsite with ModSecurity? The following is an explanation.

What is ModSecurity?

What is ModSecurity? A Complete Guide for Beginners

ModSecurity is an application firewallopen source designed to protect web applications from cyber attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other web security attacks. Functions as an Apache or Nginx module that can be installed on a server and allows system administrators to define the appropriate security rules needed to protect web applications from possible attacks.

Tool It can monitor and analyze web traffic coming in and out of web applications to detect behaviortraffic suspicious. If an attack is detected, ModSecurity may block user access or take other actions viarule previously set.
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ModSecurity can be configured to support many different web security rules and can be integrated with many popular web applications. ModSecurity can also run on Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms, so it can be implemented in many different web server environments.

Advantages of ModSecurity

Advantages of ModSecurity
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ModSecurity has several advantages to protect servers andwebsite. Here are some of the advantages of ModSecurity.

  1. Flexible configuration

    ModSecurity has complete settings and has a choice of different web security rules, so you can customize the security rules you need.
  2. Open-source

    ModSecurity isopen-source, which means that its source code is freely available to download, use, modify, and distribute. This gives freedom for each user to customize ModSecurity according to server needs without being bound by certain rules.
  3. Integration with many web servers

    ModSecurity can be integrated with many popular web server platforms, such as Apache and Nginx, so it can be implemented in many different web server environments.
  4. Security report notifications

    ModSecurity can provide reports and notifications about security activity on the server. So if there is an anomaly on the server, you can immediately identify security holes and take the necessary actions to reduce the risk of these attacks.

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How to Use ModSecurity via cPanel

How to Use ModSecurity via cPanel
How to Install and Configure ModSecurity in cPanel | cPanel Blog

ModSecurity can be easily activated and managed via cPanel, cPanel itself iscontrol panel which can be used to simplify server management. By default ModSecurity is active for every domain in cPanel. To have full control over ModSecurity you can also useadd-ons such as ModSecurity Tools or ConfigServer ModSecurity Control.

By usingplugin In addition, you will also get extra features such as real-time security monitoringreal-time, security alerts in case of anomalies on the server/website, and reports on ModSecurity activity on the server.

Here’s how to access ModSecurity via cPanel:

  1. Open cPanel, after entering the cPanel dashboard look for ModSecurity in the search field provided.
  2. Here you can choose which domains you want to protect with ModSecurity.
  3. Finished

There is also another way to provide more complete additional features to ModSecurity on cPanel, namely by using ModSecurity Tools or ConfigServer ModSecurity Control. By usingtool you will get the freedom to setrule on the firewall as needed. To use bothplugin you have to install it manually.

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  1. ModSecurity Tools
    To install ModSecurity Tools, you have to install Easyapache 4, which you can install via WHM » Home » Software » Easyapache 4. Or you can also use the yum install command.ea-apache24-mod_security2. Or you can read the following articles:ModSecurity® Tools | cPanel & WHM Documentation.
  2. ConfigServer ModSecurity Control

    ConfigServer ModSecurity Control isadd-ons free for WHM/cPanel. To use these add-ons you must have Apache and ModSecurity built in. You can follow the following method to install it:ConfigServer Modsecurity Control (cmc).

Protect Servers and Websites with ModSecurity

ModSecurity is able to protect servers by implementing a firewall and providing warning notifications to users if there is an attack on the server orwebsite that violates the rules that have been made before. ModSecurity itself is a built-in feature that is available if you have cPanel. What if you don’t have a cPanel license yet?

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